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Joining our GH Family

We hope to develop a great community of folks with ideas and experience they can share through us, our newsletters and amongst yourselves with conversation. We feel the greatest service we can be is to help connect kindred spirits and grow from your advice and knowledge base. 

We are going to share stories about some of our mentors and inspirational friends in an area of our site called: Hippies, Homesteaders, Healers, Helpers & Heroes. It's going to be an ongoing Blog about people and businesses we feel you all need to know about! Our first one is about Bryan Welch. . . . see below!


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You're here because you want to live a more green, conscious and sustainable life. You care about the environment and support programs you believe in. If you enjoy what we do, please support us through our Patreon page and help us continue to entertain & educate through our characters and community. Your support is critical to keeping us going At The Green House. We have great "thank you" rewards for our sponsors! Check them out now! We can't do this without YOU. Thank you, Brad & Peter

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Hippies, Homesteaders, Healers, Helpers & Heroes

Meet our Green House Neighbors and join our big green community!

We all want to find ways to improve, change, modify or simply,  make our spin on this beautiful planet more enjoyable. There's no better way to do this than to meet someone and share their knowledge and experience. Here we share some of our amazing friends and "big blue ball" neighbors. Enjoy learning about them, connecting with them and sharing their experiences.  Then, share yours with us!

At The Green House Videos

Check out this video about planting blueberry bushes! Brad shows his method for planting 10 organic blueberry bushes (ordered from Dimeo Farms in NJ).

Check out our other interesting videos on our GH YouTube channel!

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Wormy's Garden


A feature for children and the young at heart. . . coming soon. Send us an email if you 'd  like our newsletter and want to be kept up to date on when we launch this area. Send to:

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So, we'd love to come visit your fair, convention, green gathering. . . whatever. 

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We want to offer our friends all kinds of cool extras. . .  invitations to exclusive FB Live Events, autographed copies of our book(s), original art, meet & greets etc. . .  we'll be sharing that info in this section soon. 

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When we add something new and exciting to our store, we'll post news about it here on a separate page. We'll include videos, product demos, and special offers, discounts etc. . . 

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Our Kickstarter Campaign


One of our goals for mid-2019 is to create a Wormy's Garden Game for children. . . and a weekly newsletter for children and parents.  We plan to create a Kickstarter program this month and also get your feedback on the elements, educational value and fun value for this game.  Coming soon!

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