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Just Two Down -To-Earth Guys

It all started. . . at the 2000 Reuben Awards (The “Oscars” of Cartooning) at the Twin Towers. Introduced by our mutual friend (and cartoonist), Mark Brewer, we hit it off immediately. A few drinks at the Top of The World and we bonded over tales of tiling floors, baseball and of course, cartooning. . . which led to conversation about a comic strip Brad & Mark had been working on called “DownTo Earth.” Peter loved the concept, but it was still just an idea and a small pile of rough strips. . . never to actually materialize as a finished product.  Brad was busy writing “Nancy” and Mark was finding his niche as an illustrator, so “DownTo Earth” never got off the ground (pun intended). 

Almost two years later, Brad & Peter reconnected and began talking about that “Down To Earth” strip and the conversation progressed into imagining the comic to be about a young family and a cartoonist who creates a superhero worm character. Discovering that there was already a web comic called “Down To Earth”  the concept turned into “‘The Green House” and a family named The Greens. 

A few meetings and a lot of drawing later, we had a comic!  We sent it off to the Syndicates who “liked it” but weren’t taking on new comics at that time. If you remember, the newspaper industry was just beginning to change and papers were not the most stable businesses. So, Core Productions was created and Brad & Peter tried their hand at self-syndication. They developed a list of 30 (ish) papers and “The Green House” was born. Then it died. As it turned out, self-syndication wasn’t easy- or wasn’t for us. Editors who signed up for the strip were losing their jobs. Papers were closing down. Nobody was paying their bills. So, without a steady income, the comic ceased production- but was never out of our minds or hearts. 

We stayed connected as friends and remained hopeful to someday return to the Green House and bring it back to life. Well, that’s where we are at today. Times have changed, ideas and creative enterprises can exist and flourish through the internet and social media, and the Green House has been reborn as “At the Green House” - a blog and comic -and community of people who want to share ideas about living a greener life. 

 We hope you get a few smiles from this “organic matter” and please take a moment to share your thought with us on the blog, or in our "neighbors" blog. It comes out of us, but it's all about you “At the Green House.” 

Thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully enjoy) our work!   Peace, Brad & Peter

Our Personal Websites

You can connect directly to Peter or Brad by visiting their websites. Our personal history and works are featured there . . . At The Green House, we are just "us"- a new entity created by our combined talents. 

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We're busy creating some new merchandise, like our Green Reminder Grocery Bag . . . a coffee/tea mug. . .  a tee shirt and will have those all up and ready by the end of January 2019. If you'd like get on our mailing list and be notified when they are available, just go to our Contact Us page and send us a note.

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